Internal Assessment:

All students have to appear in monthly unannounced, Internal Assessment Tests in all the subjects includingEnglish (where applicable).
The tests will be for theoretical components of all subjects along with the Viva / Oral, Practical.
The tests will be held on the topics taught in the previous fortnight/month in each of the subjects as per the scheduled logical coverage of those topics as per the syllabus. These tests will be for all courses and for each session, batch and sections.
Any student unable to appear in 1 or 2 tests (with valid justification for his /her absence) will be evaluated on the average of the marks obtained by the student in the balance tests taken by such a student.
Workshop training, site visit & special classes by guest lecturer may be arranged from time to time. Students attending such programs will have to submit project report on the same. These project-based reports will be considered during internal assessment.

Semester Exam:

Question will be set from the full syllabus for each of the semesters of each of the courses in the semester exams as the complete syllabus coverage in totality has been undertaken through the fortnightly/monthly tests.
Semester Theory Question paper pattern: Objective, Conceptual, application based and subjective types.
Sessional marks will consist of Attendance, Punctuality, Maintenance of Practical Note Books and Discipline.
Final Examinations will be held on completion of the full period of training in the respective courses.
The authority of the Institute will notify the Examination schedules for conducting Semester, Final & Supplementary Examinations in advance, and the same will be displayed on the notice board of the Centre only.
Schedule of Final Examinations regarding time and location will be intimated by the head of the concerned center vied a notice on the Notice Board only.
All courses with duration of one year or more will have semester examinations at an academic interval of six-month. Results of these examinations will be counted in aggregate percentage for the final result.
All courses with duration of one year or more will have a Grand Viva examination in their final examination. Questions of the Grand Viva will cover all the subjects of all the previous semesters including that of the final.
Each student is required to appear for, and pass in, each and every paper (both theoretical, practical including the Internal Assessment, Communicative English subjects individually) in each semester and Grand Viva in final examination, in order to be eligible for being published in the final result.
In courses of more than one year’s duration the Final Examination results will be prepared on the basis of marks secured at the final examination combined with marks accruing from semester examinations.
No student will be permitted to sit for examinations in any course unless all dues to the Institute are cleared and the Admit Card is obtained from the concerned office. Admit Card for examinations will be issued to students on production of valid Identity Cards and proof of dues clearance.
The examinee must bring his/her own instrument(s) as specified by the concerned Instructor or the Institute for Practical Examination.
Any examinee arriving more than 15 minutes after the commencement of an examination will not be allowed to sit for the examination. No examinee may leave the examination hall less than one hour after the commencement of an examination.
If any student fails to sit for, or is disqualified from, three consecutive examinations (including the scheduled examination) the enrolment will be cancelled and the student will have to seek fresh admission on payment of applicable course fees, provided the course exists at the relevant time.
Cheating of any sort during monthly or semester exams will not be tolerated in any way. Students’ answer scripts will be rejected if found to have been copied from one another and at the time of evaluation this will be strictly followed by all evaluators.
Use of unfair means at the time of examination will result in the suspension or cancellation of the result subject to the decision of the review committee. The student shall have the right of defence at this committee.
Examinees are forbidden strictly for using mobile phones or electronic communication gadgets during examination hours.
Instructions of examination procedure detailed on the top of answer sheets of respective examinations and elsewhere must be followed strictly by the examinees.
Instructions to examinee, as mentioned in the examination programme and on the reverse page of Admit Card must be followed strictly.

Review of Answer Scripts:

Any student not satisfied with the assessment of one or more answer script(s) may apply for review of the script(s) within 15 days from the date of publication of the result. The application must be accompanied by a fee of Rs.250/- (Rupees Two Hundred Fifty Only) per paper. The result of the review will be announced within 30 days from the date of receiving application.