Student Counseling

There is a big difference between a professional counselor and a person who uses some counseling skills as part of their role, for example their role as a friend or colleague. A professional counselor is a highly trained individual who is able to use a different range of counseling approaches with their clients.

Career Counseling

  1. Career Selection using Assessment to know Potential/Interest/Aptitude( Class-IX-XII)
  2. Education Counseling(VI-XII)
  3. Students Counseling( Toddlers-XII)
  4. Concentration problem etc. ( Toddlers-XII)
  5. Adolescent Counseling covering students relationship break up, depression, anxiety etc.( Students of any education Level).
    Student Monitoring
  • Concentration practice
  • How to stay motivated being soothing the process of achievement of goal and target
  • Increasing the skill of alternative way of thinking in coping up with the newly generated stress of life as stress is natural
  • Communication practice for expressing what students actually think being free of all hesitations: the whole environment should be resistance free
  • Vocational skill development using their own suggestions and competencies just to prove to themselves how confident they are to make it in reality only by using their intellect with a pinch of courage to develop more.
  • Many more on the basis of demand of the process.

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